This report reflects the collaboration of ASFG's many donors, sponsors, and volunteers who gave so much during the 2021-2022 school year. We consider it important to include the community in this exercise of transparency and accountability, showcasing the many school events from which we received external donations and raising awareness of the benefit it represents for our school. The Director General and the Development and Community Relations Director would like to extend our gratitude for all of the community collaboration that allowed us to achieve the academic objectives of each section of our school.

Development and Community Relations Direction:

This annual report will share how the ASFG community has been present throughout the school year at various events. Even though it was an atypical and challenging year, the presence of the community was, as always, remarkable.

We want to recognize each and every individual who collaborated with us and also extend an invitation to the entire community to keep up the hard work this year and prove that philanthropy is still a way of life at ASFG.

As you will see in the report, the various causes to which ASFG donates our time and energy are focused on our philosophy: to INSPIRE, EDUCATE AND ACT to better our world. All of those who have been working with us have a very clear understanding of ASFG's mission; that is why they are so engaged with the accomplishment of our learning objectives.

We extend our appreciation to all of the students, parents, faculty and directors who showed their empathy when facing new challenges. Likewise, we would like to recognize all of the people working and supporting the academic programs: the Parents Association, the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees and, this year, a special thanks to all those who contributed their time and enthusiasm in the creation of the new building, Phase I, of the New Campus Project.

We know that this new campus is not merely walls and furniture, but a source of inspiration for students and teachers.

Gabriela Castañeda

Gabriela Castañeda Hernández

Development and Community Relations Director

Service Learning

Service Learning 1 Service Learning 2 Service Learning 3
A core value that the American School strives to develop in our students love for service to the community through service learning. These well planned, implemented, and evaluated opportunities promote values such as compassion and empathy. These experiences also impart knowledge of global issues, collaboration skill and proactive mindset to become constructive leaders.
Alondra Velasco

Alondra Velasco Ledezma

Mexican Program Director


"As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way"

Mary Anne Radmacher

Inspire, educate and act to better our world. Inspire, educate and act to better our world. Inspire, educate and act to better our world.

Inspire, educate and act to better our world. Inspire, educate and act to better our world. Inspire, educate and act to better our world.

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